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Social media marketing is not a spontaneous activity; it is a well-structured marketing activity that is guided by principles. In order to have a successful social media campaign, one must embrace all the principles governing social media marketing. Here below are the 10 laws that should be followed for an effective social media marketing.

  1. The Law of Listening

The first law requires a company to spend much time in listening than talking. As a marketer using social media, you should put your focus on listening to the customers’ needs to offer solutions.

  1. The Law of Focus

It is also of great importance to specialize in a certain field than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. You should put your focus on what you are good at and avoid any possible deviation.

  1. The Law of Quality

Quality trumps quantity by far. It is better to have less and quality content in social media than having to post various content per day that is not useful.

  1. The Law of Patience

Results from social media marketing are not seen overnight. You should learn the value of patience to get the best from your marketing campaign. All you have to do is to set out a working strategy and watch it bear results slowly.

  1. The Law of Compounding

This law is intertwined with the previously mentioned law of quality. If you post a quality content, your viewers will be bound to share it to other social networks. This makes a single post visible in a number of social networks.

  1. The Law of Influence

You should spend some time in researching about influencers in your field. You should then connect with them and build the relationship with them. They can be of great help in endorsing your products/services.

  1. The Law of Value

To achieve value, you should put less focus on conversion and try to concentrate on building relationships with new and existing base of clients. Directly promoting your products/services all the time has a negative impact on the value of your marketing campaign.

  1. The Law of Acknowledgement

Do not ignore people reaching to you in person online. Build relationships with everyone who will  try to reach you personally online.

  1. The Law of Accessibility

When you publish content on social media, you should not disappear but be there to answer any questions related to the published content. Make yourself accessible to your clients online.

  1. The Law of Reciprocity

Don’t expect people to talk to about you if you don’t talk about them. This law requires you to spend a portion of your time talking about content published by other people.

If these laws are observed, then a social media marketing campaign will be termed effective. It is, therefore important for any company seeking to develop a social media marketing campaign to observe these 10 laws or contact a Digital Agency such as

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing